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Last month HP released the last update of HP-UX 11iv3, the Update 6 or the March 2010 Update or 11.36… I decided some time ago to do not try to understand why we have a so stupid naming scheme for HP-UX.

Anyway, putting aside the philosophical rambling, HP-UX 11iv3 update 6 is here and it came full of new features. The following ones stand out, at least for me.

  • Improved system boot time thanks to RCEnhancement, Oliver wrote about it several weeks ago, until this release it was available in the Software Depot and now is included in the install media.
  • New DRD version capable of synchronize the clone with the running system.
  • LVM updated to version 2.2. With this version we have logical volume snapshots, can’t wait to try this :-D, logical volume migration within the same VG through the new lvmove command and boot support for LVM 2.2 volume groups, this is very cool because until this release the vg00 was stuck in LVM 1.0. Ignite-UX have also been updated to take advantage of this feature and we’ll be asked to choose between LVM 1.0 and LVM 2.2 bootable volume groups.

This release comes bundled with the new HPVM version, the 4.2, which also adds a bunch of new features. To name a few.

  • Automatic memory reallocation.
  • Capacity of suspend and resume a guest.
  • Support for CVM/CFS backing stores for HPVM Serviceguard cluster packages.
  • Encryption of the data during Online VM migration.
  • AVIO support for Veritas Volume Manager based backing stores.

In short, there are a lot of new interesting features, a lot issues have also been fixed and as I said at the beginning we still have to live with an odd naming scheme but in the end I’m quite happy with this new release at least in theory because I didn’t have the opportunity to try it yet but I will do very soon since I’m planning to deploy HPVM 4.2 in the near future. In fact my HPVM 3.5 to 4.1 migration project has become a 3.5 to 4.2 migration, how cool is that eh! ;-)


It seems that finally and after a myriad of delays Tukwila, the brand new quad-core Itanium processor from Intel, is going to be released. Yesterday through its Chip Shots bulletin board, Intel announced that “Tukwila (…) has begun revenue shipments” and a Q1 launch has to be expected.

There have been reports about an announcement by Intel next Monday, February 8th, during the ISSCC. The same place and date chosen by IBM to presents its new POWER7.

I really hope that Intel finally release Tukwila during ISSCC. This processor will be the core of a brand new line of HP Integrity servers and that means more work for me ;-)


Is there a future for HP-UX sysadmins? Is our beloved OS going to die like others did? For example True64 just to name one.

May be I’m just being a paranoid but I have to admit that I’m a little worried, specially after a post in Olivier’s excellent blog, another one from Brian Cox in the Mission Critical Computing Blog about HP-UX and Itanium future and the RedHat announcement about dropping support for the Itanium platform in their future RedHat 6. Olivier commented that may be it is time to think about a change after 2015.

Currently there are no sings from inside the company suggesting the post-2015 scenario Olivier  is talking about, and of course as an HP employee my very well brainwashed and pro-HP point of view is telling me that we are not going to drop our major product for the critical mission market like Jacob Van Ewyk wrote in a comment to Olivier’s post:

“I know that at HP, we truly believe in a multi-OS strategy, although the pragmatic side of our business does realize that most HP Integrity server users, such as yourself, run HP-UX 11i”

I really don’t know which one is the correct answer for to concerns, we will see how things develop in the future. If someone is really reading this blog and have any thoughts regarding this please share because I’m really lost.