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Like we found before for netstat there is no arp command available from within ESXi Tech Support Mode, so how can you list the ARP table entries if you need to? Or how can you do it remotely either with vCLI or PowerCLI?

In this quick post I’ll show you the different ways to list the ARP table entries of an ESXi server, as always both for ESXi4 and ESXi5.

Tech Support Mode

From ESXi Tech Support Mode we need to relay in esxcli.




Again we need esxcli in order to get the ARP table.


In this case we are going to use esxcli but trough the Get-EsxCli cmdlet. First we retrieve the esxcli instance and then we get the ARP table list.




In a previous post I described how to get the network connections of an ESXi server using esxcli from Tech Support Mode and vSphere CLI. Following I’ll show you how to get the same information from an ESXi 4.1 and 5.0 using PowerCLI.

The key to perform this task s the Get-EsxCli cmdlet. This command was introduced with PowerCLI 4.1.1 and its purpose is to expose the esxcli framework.

The first task to do with Get-EsxCli is to create a wrapper using a variable that will expose the esxcli functionality.

As it can be seen in the screenshot, all the namespace of my whitebox are exposed just like with esxcli command. Now we are going to get the network connections of the host.

Finally following is the syntax to get the network connections of an ESXi 5 server.

In both cases I used the Format-Table cmdlet to get the ouput in a easily readable and useful format.