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And this is it, my last post in During this weekend I finished the migration of all my content to my new blog at Almost at the same time I will publish a new post there explaining the migration details and opening with it the next era in my blogging path.

I will leave here a permanent page informing about the migration but at least for some time I will leave it the old content here.

To all my readers subscribed using WordPress tools I kindly ask you to add my feed URL to your RSS reader and for the rest I ask the same, please update your RSS reader with the new feed.

Hope to see all of you at the other side!


My first sponsor

March 1, 2012 — 2 Comments

corp_logoI am very happy to announce that today I get the first sponsor for this blog. The people at Veeam Software has been kind enough to take my blog into consideration and for that I’m truly grateful.

Veeam doesn’t need an introduction, they produce a fantastic suite for backup & replication in virtual environments, Hyper-V and vSphere, considered by many the best in the market. They also have Veeam ONE, which includes Veeam Monitor, Reporter and Business View, for virtualization environment management and monitoring.

Veeam and HP have also a joint solution for backup in VMware environments that combines Veeam Backup & Replication award winning software and HP StorOnce D2D technology, here it is the link to the white paper describing the solution.

Again thanks to Veeam, I hope to get my hands on the HP & Veeam solution in the future and write about it.


Once again my colleague at HP Eric Seabert (@ericsiebert) has opened up the polls to elect the Top VMware and Virtualization blogs.

This year yours truly is lucky enough to be on the list of candidates so if you feel that my work here have been of help I’ll be grateful. However I’m a guy with his feet on the ground and I am perfectly aware that there are a ton of great blogs out there.

My personal Top Five are:

Now go to and vote for your favorite blog!


2011 is done and like any other human beings out there today I decided to look back.

Professionally the great company I’m lucky to work at finally gave me the opportunity to focus my work only in the most awesome technology… VMware. After many years of being a Unix guy and a few being something in the middle I’m currently working exclusively with VMware products on top of HP solutions.

From the blog perspective 2011 has been huge, and I really mean it. In 2010 I had 29,786 visits and in 2011 I have had… 125,690. Yes almost one hundred thousand more visits!

Thanks to good work of John Troyer the blog has been recently included in the Planetv12n blog aggregator from VMware.

And probably the best moment of the year… in June I got news from John Troyer telling me that I had been awarded vExpert for the first time. It was a great honor and I’m still a bit shocked.

Personally the vExpert award was huge, apart from HP-UX and OpenBSD I never be so passionate about a technology and it was an unexpected a very welcomed gift. Props to VMware and to John Troyer, there is no place like the VMware Community :-)

Finally I want to say:



Thank you to all my readers and my Twitter followers. My best wishes to you and your families for the New Year. And again… Thank you!