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When the HP-UX Itanium version was released  it came with a very handy tool named machinfo. This command prints number and type of CPUs, amount of memory, firmware revision, serial number, machine id and many more useful information about the server. Sadly on PA-RISC we didn’t have something similar, of course there is print_manifest and I have to say that it’s quite a tool but I always loved the simplicity of machinfo.

Dozens of posts have been thrown throughout the years on ITRC Forums asking for a PA-RISC machinfo version and many workarounds and even some binaries have been posted.

I tried a lot of them but since I discovered Patrick Reut‘s version a couple of years ago I never used another one. It works on 11.11 and 11.23 systems, I tried on 10.20 but didn’t wok. The binary can found in this post as an attachment.

Here it an example output of the command:

root@tst1:/# which machinfo
root@tst1:/# ll /usr/contrib/bin/machinfo
lrwx------   1 root       sys             34 Feb 17 10:15 /usr/contrib/bin/machinfo@ -> /usr/local/scripts/parisc_machinfo
root@tst1:/# machinfo
OS info:
 sysname  = HP-UX
 nodename = sigtst1
 release  = B.11.23
 version  = U
 machine  = 9000/800
 idnumber = 11111111111

Platform info:
 model string = "9000/800/rp7420"
 machine id number = XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
 machine serial number = DEHxxxxxxxx

CPU info
 Number of CPUs = 4
 Clock speed    = 1000 MHz
 processor family: 532 pa-2.0
 processor model:  20 PA8900

Firmware info:
 Firmware revision = 22.2

Memory = 8165 MB (7 GB)
Disk info:
c0t6d0 : HP 146 GMA  (size = 146GB)
c0t5d0 : HP 146 GMA  (size = 146GB)
c45t0d1 : HP      HS  (size = 118GB)
c45t0d4 : HP      HS  (size = 118GB)
c45t0d5 : HP      HS  (size = 118GB)
c45t0d7 : HP      HS  (size = 15GB)
c45t1d0 : HP      HS  (size = 15GB)
c47t0d1 : HP      HS  (size = 118GB)
c47t0d4 : HP      HS  (size = 118GB)
c47t0d5 : HP      HS  (size = 118GB)
c47t0d7 : HP      HS  (size = 15GB)
c47t1d0 : HP      HS  (size = 15GB)



Ten years or so ago the first HP-UX I worked with was a 10.20, it was an old D230 HP9000 server.

I never thought I would find a still running 10.20 server but when I came to the customer I am currently assigned I had a nice surprise. Hidden in the lab room next to the data-center was an old HP9000 D330 server with HP-UX 10.20 installed on it. And you know what? It’s still in production running an ancient version of Informix for a legacy service.

The server has one PA-7200LC 160MHz CPU, 192MB of RAM and four Seagate ST34572WC Ultra SCSI 4GB disks. Since I discovered it the Informix has become my favorite server above the Superdomes or the Integrity Blades and I even found bash and lsof depots for 10.20 :-D

Bash can be found on this FTP site and lsof and a lot more opensource software for 10.20 and 11.00 can be found at Merjin’s HP-UX.

Here it is screnshot of a PuTTY session and a couple of pictures of the beast taken with my E71:

Has any of you an old HP-UX server still around?