Blog migration in progress

December 29, 2015 — 1 Comment

Yes I have finally done it, I’m moving off WordPress to Jekyll. has served me well as blogging platform for six years, it all started in 2009 when I still was a Unix sysadmin, at that time it was easy and powerful enough for my needs. However blogging in WordPress has becoming harder and harder to me, with the platform getting in the middle instead of helping.

Because of that and other reasons for me it was the moment to move, I’ve been postponing the migration for many months due to my work and family commitments and thank to having some days off I’ve been finally able to start the migration of the content.

The new blog is powered by Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages, I’m following here the lead of other people in the community that I respect a lot like Scott Lowe. I have decided also to get my own domain, following the advice of my buddy Matthew Brender and taking ownership of my own personal brand. The new blog is

I’ve already migrated a lot of content but there are several dozen posts left and I’m trying several feature images for the main page, anyway feel free to go there and browse the content and of course if you find anything wrong please let me know :)

I’ll publish a new post here when the migration is done.



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