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If your vCSA is configured to use the embedded DB2 database and if it’s not properly shutdown, next you power it on may be you should not be able to power on a VM like in the screenshot below…


…or the vSphere Client will not show some of information about the host or the VMs.


We all have seen those kind of errors in our homelabs from time to time. In the Windows-based vCenter it was relatively easy to solve, close the client, log into the vCenter, restart the vCenter Server service and in the next login into the vSphere Client everything will go as expected.

However how can we resolve this issue in the vCenter Linux appliance? Can’t be easier.

There are two ways to restart the vCenter services in the vCSA:

  • From he WebUI administration interface
  • From the command line

For the first method log into the WebUI of the vCSA by accessing https://<vCSA_URL>:5480 with your favorite web browser.


In the vCenter Server screen in the Status tab there stop and start the vCenter Server service from the Action buttons.

The second method is faster and easier, and to be sincere it feels more natural for me and probably for the other Unix Geek/Sysadmins out there.

The vCenter service in the Linux appliance is vmware-vpxd so with a simple service vmware-vpxd restart we’ll be on business again. Check the screenshot below.


Finally as seen in the screen capture you can check the status of the service.

More on troubleshooting the vCSA in a future post.


I know that I owe you an apology, it’s been more than a month since my last post but you know how is to join a new company. I had some of the more amazing weeks in my career with long sessions in front of the laptop trying to get all the VMware intranet straight into my brain ;-)

Anyway VMworld is just around the corner and I want to recommend some of the sessions I voted for.

  • 1154 – vCloud Director Infrastructure Resiliency – DR of the Cloud – Chris Colotti and Duncan Epping
  • 1159 – Architecting and Operating a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster – Lee Dilworth and Duncan Epping
  • 1166 – Monitoring a vCloud Infrastructure – David Hill and Andy Troup
  • 1168 – Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure – Chris Colotti, David Hill and Aidan Dalgleish
  • 1504 – Ask the Expert vBloggers – Scott Lowe, Duncan Epping, Rick Scherer, Frank Denneman, Chad Sakac
  • 1199 – vSphere Storage Appliance Deep Dive & New Features – Cormac Hogan
  • 2427  – Storage Wars: Conquering and Optimizing the vSphere Storage Layer – Eric Siebert
  • 2430 – How to Increase the Availability of Business Critical Applications Using Virtualization – Andrea Mauro
  • 2431 – To Block or to File: Choosing the Right Storage Protocol for your VMware Environment – Eric Siebert
  • 2442 – Designing vSphere Network using HP Virtual Connect Flex Fabric – Prasenjit Sarkar
  • 2508 – Running vFabric GemFire in a Cloud – the Advantages and Challenges with Data Fabrics in VM’s – Michael Ryan and Sudhir Menon
  • 2619 – Metro Storage Clusters: Two Storage Vendors Discuss Key Considerations for VMware’s Latest HCL Category – Eric Siebert and Scott Lowe
  • 2857 – Building Cloud Ready Applications Using vFabric Application Director – Rajesh Khazanchi

Beside those sessions there are dozens of very interesting sessions to choose so please cast your vote at you have until 8th of June. This edition is going to be huge. Hope to see you there.