Archives For April 2012

The last four weeks I had a bit of a crazy life, but finally the process has come to an end and I can freely speak about it.

It is with joy that I want to announce that by the 10th of May I will join VMware as PSO Consultant. It has been a hard decision, HP has been my home for almost eight years in two different periods and I leave here smart people, great professionals and more important very good friends.

From here I want to thank all my friends, managers and mentor at HP, this new path that lies ahead of me wouldn’t be possible without you. I sincere wish you all the best.


When I got home after a morning playing airsoft with some friends I found on my twitter stream a very nice surprise. My friend Josep Ros (@josepros) was congratulating me for being awarded VMware vExpert for another year. VMware had published the initial list in a blog post here.

I can’t be thankful enough to VMware for including me again in such a great list of people and in special to John Troyer (@jtroyer) and Alex Maier (@lxmaier) for their excellent work leading this amazing community.

I also want to congratulate the rest of my fellow vExperts for the award, is a real honor to be on the same list. Please continue with your hard and inspirational work.