New esxcli namespaces included on the HP ESXi image

January 9, 2012 — 5 Comments

If your VMware infrastructure runs on top of HP servers, rack or blade, you should be familiar with the HP customized ESXi images. Hewlett Packard has been releasing theses images since ESXi 4.0 and with the release of vSphere 5 a new image has also been released.

This images comes bundled with utilities and drivers not included in the standard VMware image that allows ESXi to run flawlessly on HP hardware.

You can retrieve the packages specifically provided by using the esxcli command.

~ # esxcli software vib list |grep Hewlett-Packard
char-hpcru           Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
char-hpilo            500.     Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
hp-esx-license        1.0-03                              Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
hp-smx-provider       500.              Hewlett-Packard     VMwareAccepted    2011-04-16 
hpbootcfg             01-00.10                            Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
hponcfg               03-02.04                            Hewlett-Packard     PartnerSupported  2011-04-16 
~ #

To get detailed information of any of those packages use the following command.

~ # esxcli software vib get -n hp-smx-provider
   Name: hp-smx-provider
   Version: 500.
   Type: bootbank
   Vendor: Hewlett-Packard
   Acceptance Level: VMwareAccepted
   Summary: HP Insight Management WBEM Providers for ESXi
   Description: HP Insight Management WBEM Providers for ESXi
   Release Date: 2011-07-15
   Provides: cim.DMTF.DSP1004 = 1.0.0, cim.SNIA.FC-HBA = 1.3.0
   Maintenance Mode Required: False
   Hardware Platforms Required: HP, hp, Hewlett-Packard, Hewlett-Packard Company
   Live Install Allowed: True
   Live Remove Allowed: False
   Stateless Ready: True
   Overlay: False
   Payloads: hp-smx-provider
~ #

Aside from the drivers and monitorization agents, the HP image also adds two additional namespaces to esxcli.

  • hp
  • hpbootcfg

The first one, hp, manage the HP NMI driver.

~ # esxcli hp
Usage: esxcli hp {cmd} [cmd options]
Available Namespaces:
  hpnmi                 The default set of operations for the hpnmi command
~ # esxcli hp hpnmi
Usage: esxcli hp hpnmi {cmd} [cmd options]
Available Commands:
  load                  Verifies HP server and Loads hpnmi module on supported servers
~ #

The hpbootcfg namespace is used to configure the device boot order of the server. This can be permanent or a one time boot change.

~ # esxcli hpbootcfg
Usage: esxcli hpbootcfg {cmd} [cmd options]
Available Commands:
 execute execute hpbootcfg command with options parameter
 help show hpbootcfg help
 show show current hpbootcfg settings
~ #
~ # esxcli hpbootcfg show
00 00: Normal Device first, normal boot process

~ #
~ # esxcli hpbootcfg execute --help
Usage: esxcli hpbootcfg execute [cmd options]
 execute execute hpbootcfg command with options parameter
Cmd options:
 -b|--bypass bypass F1/F2
 -C|--cdrom CD ROM first
 -D|--defaults Set Defaults everywhere
 -d|--dialout one time remote dial out
 -F|--floppy Floppy first
 -H|--harddrive Harddrive first
 -n|--network one time remote network
 -P|--pxe one time boot to PXE
 -Q|--qcu one time boot to quick configuration utility
 -R|--rbsu one time boot to RBSU
 -r|--remote one time remote
 -S|--scu one time boot to system configuration utility
 -T|--tape Tape first
~ #



5 responses to New esxcli namespaces included on the HP ESXi image


    hponcfg also allows you to poll/config the iLO from the host side via a trusted channel.
    Google this: HP XML sample scripting ilo 3
    First 2 hits are sample scripts. Ignore the Windows part as they are just a bunch of XMLs that can be launched from the host (hponcfg), the OA in a blade chassis (also hponcfg via SSH) or your desktop (cpqlocfg, requires credentials)

    I have also heard, but not yet confirmed, that conrep is available in vSphere 5 via the HP Utilities Bundle (included in HP ESXi5 download) and that can be used to configure/read BIOS settings.


      HI Dan. Thanks for commenting.

      Yes I’m aware of the presence of hponcfg in our ESXi 5 image and I used it in the past in RHEL on ProLiant. However it’s not implemented as an esxcli namepasce so I decided to not cover it in the post.

      Don’t know about conrep but will check, thanks for the tip :-)


        You are right. I am playing with it now and hponcfg is available in /opt/hp/tools using the Tech Support Console but not esxcli.

        And I am not finding conrep anywhere.

        Luckily I am sitting in Houston and have a large chunk of the HP-VMware brain trust in the same room and I will pick their brain about why they didn’t add a esxcli version of hponcfg.

        Any questions you want me to pass along?

    the amount would you feel is priced at

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