vMA 5 rejects SSH connections

October 19, 2011 — 12 Comments

If you deploy vMA 5.0 within your virtual infrastructure will find the first time you try to access it by SSH that the appliance is continuously rejecting your connections.

Try to check if SSH is enabled and running and will se that everything is OK.


So you will be asking yourself, what the hell is going on? BTW restarting the service doesn’t help either.

The key to fix this issue is in the hosts.deny and hosts.allow files. In Unix and Linux systems this files are used by the TCP Wrapper daemon (tcpd) to decide whether or not to accept an incoming connection.

If you look into host.deny will see that everything is denied by default.


Add the following line to the host.allow file.

sshd: ALL: ALLOW

Now you can access the appliance via SSH.




12 responses to vMA 5 rejects SSH connections


    Juan, thanks for article.
    I have exactly the same issue. But I have tried to add “allow” line to hosts.allow and I got “permission denied”. Changing permission with chmod is also prevented with “operation not permitted”. Do you have any ideas?


    resolved with “sudo su” before file editing


    For me, the better solution is to use the same configuration as the management web interface “http-rman”, and add


    to hosts.deny


    thanks for the tip.
    to enter file use “sudo vi /etc/hosts.allow”
    and enjoy the vi interface =)


    Thanks mate, would a charm. Why would vmware want to provide remote management and disable ssh access ? don’t get a clue.


    thanks for the tip.
    to enter file use “sudo vi /etc/hosts.allow”


    I have read so many articles on the topic of
    the blogger lovers except this post is in fact a nice article, keep it up.


    Hey, thanks for the guide, i have tried everything you have listed and more but i still get access denied.

    Within /etc/hosts.deny i have removed the line which read ALL: ALL (Ive tried with and without)

    Within /etc/hosts.allow i have sshd: ALL :ALLOW

    sshd has been restarted but still access denied. Within the messages log it reads sshd[3185]: Failed password for vi-admin from “my ip” 5 port 50337 ssh2

    The password is correct i promise :)

    What am i missing? i cant be this hard to allow ssh surely.


    i think you done small mistake insted of sshd: ALL: ALLOW your have added sshd: ALL :ALLOW, please correct it that will solve your issue

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