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Today has been a great day for the people of VMware, they presented vSphere 5 in a huge online event and a lot of new interesting features have been finally unveiled.

  • Storage DRS.
  • Profile-Driven Storage.
  • VAAI v2.
  • vSphere Auto Deploy.
  • Software FCoE initiator.
  • Up to 32 vCPUs and 1TB of RAM per virtual machine.
  • VMFS5.
  • New vSphere HA framework.
  • vSphere Web Client (we’ve been expecting something like this for Linux ad Mac OS X)
  • vCenter Server Appliance. On Linux!
  • New vSphere Storage Appliance.

All of them are incredibly cool features however there is one that instantly got my attention:

“VSA – VMware vSphere Storage Appliance” a virtual appliance that will allow to turn the DAS storage of the server into shared storage in those customers with no budget to purchase a full working SAN or where the performance is not a key factor. Wait a minute this sounds familiar.

This is not a new feature. In fact HP, and Lefthand Networks before it was acquired by HP, and VMware have been provided this feature for years through the HP P4000 VSA. After HP/Lefthand other vendors, like NetApp, have released their own VSAs, not as feature rich as the HP appliance of course ;-)

This is an interesting movement by VMware but I think it has its cons. The VSA is not included by default with the vSphere software, you have to pay for it, this is not bad of course since you also have to pay for the P4000 VSA.

That said, what is the advantage of running the VMware provided VSA instead of the HP one? The only one I can think of is the integration of the management interface with the vCenter Server and vSphere Client but with the HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server you can also manage, at least in part, your VSAs and I believe the HP CMC interface is rich-feature enough to use it.

Anyway, I’m dying to get my hands on this storage appliance and test it against my beloved P4000 VSA. In the meantime a nice introduction and a couple of videos of the product can be found here.

Like Calvin (@HPStorageGuy) said today in a tweet “Welcome to the past” ;-)


Tomorrow, Tuesday July 12th, VMware CEO Paul Maritz and CTO Steve Herrod will host a worldwide online event titled “Raising the Bar, Part V”. In this event they plan to make an announcement about the next generation of Cloud infrastructure.

There will be an online streaming of the event, five breakout deep dive sessions and finally a Q&A session by some of the most respected experts of the industry like Eric Siebert, David Davis or Bob Plankers.

The attendees of the online event will also have the chance to win a free VMworld pass! How cool is that!

So remember, there is still time to join! Go here and register because this is going to be huge!


Yesterday I received an unexpected gift from the people of VMware. I’ve been awarded vExpert 2011.

The vExpert program is the way VMware use to reward those individuals that have contributed to spread the word about the greatness of virtualization and have helped other people through the VMware  Communities and/or through their personal blogs.

I was shocked when I got the notice and I want to thank VMware and specially John Troyer (@jtroyer) that included me with such great group of individuals like Nick Weaver (@lynxbat), Mike Laverick (@Mike_Laverick) or my friend and colleague at HP Calvin Zito (@HPStorageguy). My VMware Community profile now features the cool vExpert logo.

I hope to live up to the award :-)