HP Technology@Work On Tour 2011 – Madrid

May 5, 2011 — 2 Comments

The HP Technology@Work On Tour arrived yesterday to Madrid. This event has been a great opportunity for everyone to see the proposals from HP for Converged Infrastructure, Network Security and Datacenter Transformation.

The event is not as big as the HP Tech@Work from other years or the HP Discover that will be held in Las Vegas next June, instead HP in EMEA decided to bring a small show to several European cities like Paris, Madrid or Amsterdam and show there our stuff in all its greatness :-)

I didn’t planned in the beginning to go to HPTAW2011, I really had a lot of work to do this week, but suddenly I found on Monday that Hans Vredevoort (@hvredevoort) was coming to Madrid invited as Press and I really wanted to meet him. Hans is a great guy and I like to chat with him on Twitter, he’s also an MVP and the owner of Hyper-V.nu, one the top blogs about Microsoft Hyper-V.

We had the chance to share a couple of beers and have a fantastic conversation about the state of the industry, virtualization, blade servers, storage, HP 3PAR and HP products in general. We also made a small tour through the booth to see the demos and speak with some of my colleagues from HP  and from sponsors like Brocade, Microsoft and VMware. I want to make a special mention about my colleague Simon Leech from HP Networking who was very kind and talked with us about HP Tipping Point security products

Finally I had the opportunity to take a couple of pictures of the booth and the almighty Superdome2 :-D

I don’t want to finish my post without mentioning th people from the registering area, I wasn’t registered to the event but since I was an HP employee they were so kind to provide me with the proper accreditation that allowed to enter the booth.



2 responses to HP Technology@Work On Tour 2011 – Madrid


    Hi Juan,

    It was great meeting you in your hometown Madrid. Next time we go find a few nice bars and restaurants.
    In the future I guess you might to write “a converted Hyper-V virtualization expert” ;-)


    Hi Hans! It was so nice to meet you too. And yes next time we should go out for dinner and drinks :-D

    BTW I’m always open to learn new things my friend ;-)

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