HP Lefthand P4000 VSA verbose boot

October 13, 2010 — 3 Comments

If you are a user of the P4000 VSA you’ll be use to the quiet boot sequence of the SAN/iQ software. Just a couple of messages until you get the login prompt.

But how about if anyone want to watch the whole boot process to check error messages or something alike? There is an easy and simple solution, at the begining of the boot sequence press ESC in order to stop the bootloader and when the boot: prompt appears type vga and press Enter.

After that you will have a normal boot process like with any other Linux system.



3 responses to HP Lefthand P4000 VSA verbose boot


    Thanks for the Info.

    Do you mind If I publish this on HP website ?


    Hi Jitun. Thanks for your comments. Of course I don’t mind, it would be great to have my articles referenced at HP website :-D


    How can I have the HP P4000 auto “Start” itself instead of waiting at the SAN/iQ login prompt for me to manually type “START”?
    This is causing problems for our new VM ESXi 5 virtual implementation at a remote site, as the san on which the VM’s are stored is not available, even though ESXi 5 itself is properly remembering and trying to return the VM’s to powered on status.

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