HP-UX 10.20, still around :-)

February 5, 2010 — 17 Comments

Ten years or so ago the first HP-UX I worked with was a 10.20, it was an old D230 HP9000 server.

I never thought I would find a still running 10.20 server but when I came to the customer I am currently assigned I had a nice surprise. Hidden in the lab room next to the data-center was an old HP9000 D330 server with HP-UX 10.20 installed on it. And you know what? It’s still in production running an ancient version of Informix for a legacy service.

The server has one PA-7200LC 160MHz CPU, 192MB of RAM and four Seagate ST34572WC Ultra SCSI 4GB disks. Since I discovered it the Informix has become my favorite server above the Superdomes or the Integrity Blades and I even found bash and lsof depots for 10.20 :-D

Bash can be found on this FTP site and lsof and a lot more opensource software for 10.20 and 11.00 can be found at Merjin’s HP-UX.

Here it is screnshot of a PuTTY session and a couple of pictures of the beast taken with my E71:

Has any of you an old HP-UX server still around?



17 responses to HP-UX 10.20, still around :-)


    Hehehe.. my company still have a lot of these old machines. Also not to forget Vclass. Huge box~ :)


    Last year got notice about a cluster of V-Class with 11.00 I helped to set up 7 years ago, it was running a critical service for the main spanish telco and it’s still up! like you said a huge box :-)


    We are still running C3600’s with HP-UX 10.20 to run our weather satellite downlink station.


    we are also using C3600 with 10.20 ^^ just for visualization of our automationsystems.


    Thanks for your comments L.J. and Willi :-)

    The mighty C3600, I had one in my homelab for a couple of years running 10.20 also.


    I have some boxes PA-RISC… RP2470, K360, K420, some workstations… at home.
    Also I have HP3000, of course


    A few: ;)

    * HP 9000 G50 (Rack and Deskside)
    * HP 9000 D370
    * HP 9000 E25
    * HP Visualize J2240
    * HP Visualize J2240
    * HP Visualize J5600
    * HP Visualize C3600 (2x)
    * HP Visualize C3700
    * HP Visualize C8000 (2x)
    * HP Visualize C360
    * HP Visualize C180
    * HP Visualize C160
    * HP 712/60 (2)
    * HP 712/80
    * HP 712/100
    * some Entria and Envizez Terminals
    * some Apollo machines (pre-HP)


    Wow, and I thought I was in the dark ages with my As, Ls, and Ns running 11.0.


    Good old 10.20, I have a special place in my heart for it. My first Unix. I have a old B132 with a Visualise-24 in it running 10.20 at home.


    Hmm we have 1 server with 10.20. But i can’t seem to get SSH working. We are running mechanical engineering (ME10) on it.


    I have one Gecko 712/60 with HP-UX 10.20, tried to install Debian 5 and NextStep 3.3 but with failures…


    Does anyone know if its possible to emulate an HP UX 10.20 environment under a virtual HP UX 11 ?? Thanks in Advance.. Its getting harder and harder to get these old machines…


      Hi, thanks for your comment.

      HP-UX 10.20 runs on PA-RISC architecture so is not possible to virtualize it under a HPVM. Anyway check QEMU, in the past QEMU support emulation of PA-RISC architecture, however I don’t know at what level and if you would be able to run HP-UX on top of it.


    Lots of 10.20 workstations and servers still kicking. I refurbish them and happened upon this blog looking for some software I don’t have on this machine. I’m refurbing a B1000 right now with 10.20, 4gb ram and two 73gb hd’s. :) It will be heading to a paper mill. These older machines last pretty much forever, it’s the admins that move on.


    I have 160 HP9000 running HPUX 10.20. DC powered with 1g hard drives. Anyone know where to find refurbished 1 g drives or DC power supplies.


    When you say 160 I assume it’s a b160? I have a few b160 DC supplies around. 1gb 50 pin scsi drives are in short supply, 68 pin hvd drives are a little easier to come by.

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