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Installing the HP Lefthand CMC in Linux

July 27, 2010 2 comments

May be some of you are not aware of this but the HP Lefthand Central Management Console application is available not only for Windows but for Linux and HP-UX also. The application is included on the SAN/iQ Management Software DVD that can be downloaded from here.

Burn the iso  or mount it in your Linux system. Navigate trough the iso to GUI/Linux/Disk1/InstData, there you will find two files and a directory named VM. Get into the directory and will find the installer CMC_Installer.bin.

Launch the installer passing it the full path to the installer properties file, in this case the file that can be found on GUI/Linux/Disk1/InstData.

root@wopr:/mnt/iso/GUI/Linux/Disk1/InstData/VM# ./CMC_Installer.bin -f /mnt/iso/Linux/Disk1/InstData/

The CMC will be installed in /opt/LeftHandNetworks/UI. Once the installation is finished launch the CMC from the shell or create a launcher on your Gnome/KDE desktop and voilà you can now control your Lefthand Storage systems from your favorite Linux distro.



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